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Total Australian Credit outstanding includes all debt and equity outstanding of the domestic non-financial sectors.

Total Australian Credit has grown from AU$787.7 billion in December 1989 to AU$6.3 trillion in December 2016; an increase of a little over 800% over a 27 year period.

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An April Cash rate cut is looking more likely


The 30, 90 and 180 Bank Accepted Bills (BABs) have all dipped below the Cash rate in recent days. This will put pressure on the RBA to reduce the Cash rate this coming Tuesday when it goes to board for this month. Chart 5.1 shows the BABs rates against the Cash rate for 2015: Chart

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More signals for lower interest rates


The market for 3 year CGS did stabilise in mid-February to mid-March, with yields rising back to a normal level above 2 year CGS yields. However, this was short lived as demand for 3 year CGS has driven the yield again below 2 year CGS yields in recent days. See table 4.1 below: Table 4.1

Cut or not to cut…


As we get closer to the release of the RBA’s interest rate decision release today at 2.30pm AEDT, one of the key factors they will need to take into account is the Bank Accepted Bills (BAB) data which estimates end of day bank bill rates. See Chart 2.1 below: Chart 2.1 Without an interest rate

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Interest rates in 2015


Happy New Year everyone! We thought it would be a great idea to kick off 2015 with a blog to help provide more information around what is happening in the Australian economy. 2014 was an economically challenging year on many fronts; the Federal Government’s efforts to balance the budget have put negative pressure on national

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