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Total Australian Credit outstanding includes all debt and equity outstanding of the domestic non-financial sectors.

Total Australian Credit has grown from AU$787.7 billion in December 1989 to AU$6.3 trillion in December 2016; an increase of a little over 800% over a 27 year period.

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Australian Debt is committed to supplying factual economic and financial information to Australian’s in order to help them build a greater foundation of knowledge, understanding and awareness around money. In turn this could assist to strengthen financial decisions made by individuals themselves or when consulting licensed professionals for general or personal advice.

Understanding the relationship of coexistence with debt and money is fundamental to being able to comprehend why interest rates are at record low levels today and for the foreseeable future.

The below chart shows the history of the Cash Rate since September 1990.


In 2015 and 2016 Australian Debt was able to predict the .25 interest rate cuts that occurred on 4th February 2015, 6th May 2015, 4th May 2016 and 3rd August 2016 by analysing of money market trends and conditions. While these predictions are not certain in outcome (the Reserve Bank of Australia maintaining in independent mandate around monetary policy) the principles that RBA officials make their decision upon are driven by the historical and forecasted cause and effects of printing more money. Understanding money is completely conditional to understanding the role of credit and debt under a monetary targeting framework, which the RBA use through the Cast Rate.

All figures presented on this website are based on data publications produced by Australian Government Departments.

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